Friday, 2 September 2016

High 5s on the I-5.

It was our last day in the Bay Area and we checked out of our Mission digs and I got myself a cream cheese bagel. Comfort food comparable to yesterday's burrito.

We hopped on the BART and then took an Uber (a friendly Russian guy hugely proud of his adopted city who doubled up as a tour guide) for one last look at the Golden Gate Bridge from Crissy Field. Hard to imagine this view ever gets boring.

Then, with time becoming our enemy, we had to hop another Uber across the city to pick up the Megabus to L.A. I didn't know Megabus even operated in the US but it was certainly a cheap (less than $30 for a 7hr ride) and comfy option. Even if the promised Wi-Fi was so weak as to be virtually useless.

Our most pressing concern was not missing it. I visited Safeway to procure crisps and water for the journey. It was further than it looked. There was a line. The till ran out of receipt paper. The lights at the crossing changed. I ran up the road and made it with about 30 seconds to spare. Hot, sticky, relieved.

As we rolled on down Interstate 5 the grass got less green and more yellow as we entered pastures parched. South of Bakersfield we got a surprise pitstop. It was hot. It was the desert. There was a Taco Bell and a Popeyes (sic) Louisiana Kitchen. We bought more crisps and replenished our supply of water and had an Oreo ice cream sandwich. Better gelato was to come.

At twilight we passed (Six Flags) Magic Mountain and it was dark when we were dropped off in Burbank.

Annasivia came to pick us up in her Mini. Cars can often be smaller in LA due to the premium placed on parking.

We drove through Los Feliz to reach a pub/eatery called Hyperion Public where I had an absolutely delicious veggie burger. It had a Vietnamese sounding name (Banh Mi was part of it) but I'm not really sure why. It came served in a sandwich rather than a bun/bap and home made chips (crisps). There were so many of them they'd keep me going the next morning. What a potato snack of a day.

Driving back to my generous guest's place in Silverlake we saw a coyote cross the road. Apparently this is not as commonplace as seeing a fox in London as I'd assumed. I felt privileged.

There were views from my bed down to the Griffith Observatory and I knew I'd be able to see the Hollywood sign when the sun came up in the morning.

I was excited about finally being in Los Angeles so, despite the bed being comfy, I struggled to get to sleep. Although that could've been because I was sober and had used virtually no energy all day.

Tomorrow would be quite different (at least on the energy front) so it was with no little satisfaction when I finally got a few zs on board.

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