Monday, 22 August 2016

Taking Tiger Lake by strategy.

Regular readers may have observed a propensity towards the lachrymose I have. I cry - and I'm proud of it. Normally through happiness. Getting through a wedding without wet cheeks is a tough ask for me and one, I'm happy to report back, I failed abysmally.

Waking up with the Hood Canal at my bedroom window was awesome. Simon and I went for a half hour jog. We stopped to skim stones on the water and took the Jeep up to Alderbrook's for a golf course brunch. The grilled cheese sandwich set me up well.

We'd barely time to perfect our 1970s feds by the lake look when Uncle Jeff picked us up and drove us to Tiger Lake.

OMFG! This country just keeps getting more and more beautiful. 3000 miles from Cape Cod and I still had a Great Gatsby vibe. Polaroids shaken, Pimms taken, sat on the lush lawn we watched speedboats and yachts frolic as the sun dappled the lake.

The bride's beauty equalled that of the surroundings. The groom scrubbed up pretty good too. Heavens to Murgatroyd even I looked fairly dapper.

As the tears rolled down my cheeks a teenage relation kept it together better than I and officiated. Maid of honour Megan also added another lovely family touch. Anna's too modest to say it herself but she's one of the most successful people I know but, far more importantly, she wears it lightly.

Owen's done bloody well for himself and she has too. He must've felt a long way from Pamber Heath.

We were sat on the 'London' table. It was a loose enough term to cover Hull, Melbourne, and LA too. It's probably the only table that discussed the ideological merits of Celebrity Wife Swap. My mushroom was nice. My Pacific Octopus IPA nicer. The company nicest.

It was a privilege and an honour to cue up the first dance. God Only Knows what I'd have done without it.

The happiest day of their life was becoming one of the happiest of mine. Right up there with that time we won the Plough quiz in East Dulwich and I had the next day off work.

The music, of course, was excellent. I used to DJ with this guy so I knew he had impeccable taste. One of the Americans asked why I wasn't dancing. I said I'd be showing my moves later and he wondered if I'd be getting on the molly. I wouldn't.

We danced to songs we loved deep into the night. it was good to reconnect with Gareth, Bec, Linda, and Kritika. To meet Pat, Helen, Matt, and Mel. Most of the American contigent's names I forgot but Uncle Jeff was a trooper who charmed our limey asses.

Oddest of all was saying hello to Owen's mum, Grace, who'd taught at my school. A scholar I was not. A massive pain in the arse I certainly was. Her husband and my dad attend classic car shows together now so, thankfully, she didn't remind me of teenage misdemeanours.

I did some dumb things when I was younger but I've learnt and one thing I've learnt is that love is the greatest thing ever. To be in the presence of true love touched my heart and touched my soul.

The Rainier beer hardly touched the sides and as I took a speedboat across the lake I reflected on the all encompassing power of love.

As long as there are stars above you.

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